Saturday, March 28, 2009

Here's another video--sideways, but still cute!

We went for our 2-day follow-up visit at the birthing center yesterday and Lennon is doing great! He's only lost 4 oz which means he's definitely getting enough to eat. There was another family finishing up their appt as we were coming in and their son cries all the time. We are grateful Lennon is so low key--the only time he cries is when his diaper is being changed and he's cold. He mostly just squeaks and moans. He did great on his first outing and it was nice for Adam and I to get out of the house as well. Our next appt is on Tuesday, so we'll see how much he's grown--they're thinking he might be back to his birth weight already!

Lennon's favorite place--on mommy!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

It's a good thing Lennon came a couple days ago, because this is what we're dealing with outside. We're supposed to get up to 20" by tomorrow morning. I think we're at 10" right now. We were supposed to go to the birthing center for our 2-day follow-up this morning and we obviously cancelled it. There's no way we would take our little guy out in this if we didn't have to. The snow is supposed to stop early in the morning, so we're hoping to be able to take him in tomorrow. He's doing great--eating, sleeping and pooping really well (probably the only time in our lives that we will be excited over poopy diapers, but right now it shows us that he's getting enough to eat from me). We've also been blessed by friends and family bringing us meals, which has been great not to worry about that. But for today, I think we have some leftovers and some pantry staples that won't take a lot of time to prepare, because we definitely don't want our friends traveling in weather like this.

Aunt Beka and Uncle JaredLennon loves his daddy

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lennon Riley Schafer

Lennon arrived in this world three weeks earlier than expected. I had just turned 37 weeks on Sunday, which is considered full term, and my water broke at 3:00 Monday morning. Obviously we were caught off guard, especially because the majority of women don't have their water break at the onset of labor. Because of this, we were on a timeline of needing to be in active labor in 24 hours otherwise I would have to be transferred to the hospital (for those of you who may not know, we went to a birthing center).

Talking to my midwife, she wanted me to be progressing a little faster by 3 in the afternoon. So we went to the pharmacy and bought some caster oil. About 15 minutes later, my contractions got stronger. However, I was advised to take another dose of caster oil at 7 last night. About 30 minutes later I was in heavy labor and we headed to the birthing center. Getting there at about 8pm, I was 4 cm dilated. After 4 hours of hard labor, she checked again and, much to our surprise, I was fully dilated. I decided to get in the birthing tub and pushed for about 10 minutes and out popped Lennon at 12:51 am, Tuesday, March 24, 2009, weighing 6 pounds 14 oz, 18.5 inches long.

He was completely healthy and strong throughout the labor and after, as was I (though I didn't feel very strong). Because Lennon and I were doing well after, we went home 4 hours later. Today has been spent trying to get him to nurse (which is a slower process than I would like, but as long as he gets the hang of it and is getting what he needs, that's all that matters), making phone calls, sleeping and resting.

Lennon is such a good baby; he doesn't cry much--he mostly just whimpers, which is unbelievably cute. And, of course, he' absolutely perfect in our eyes! Enjoy the pictures (obviously there are more to come!) Thanks for all your support and excitement as we begin this next adventure!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

36 Weeks!

We have hit the 36 week mark--4 weeks and counting. But what really puts things in perspective is that I will be full-term next week!! I am starting to have more and more contractions, and a lot of people think the baby's dropping--sometimes the baby is really low, but there are still lots of times when he is stretching up and under my ribs. I can't decide which I would prefer--the stabbing feelings of my ribs being pushed on, or the dropping feeling with my bladder being tortured! The poor little guy is running out of room...and I'm running out of room!

We're trying to get as ready as we're going to be. There are still some essentials that we need to get but we're getting there. The baby's room is slowly coming together. My mom is working on the sheets, bumper pad, quilt and curtains, so I'm excited to see everything put together. We have been given tons of clothing from friends which should last us the first few months. It's crazy to think of someone fitting in something that small (unless we have a huge baby, which is always a possibility!) We are still in that surreal state of being so close to having a baby, yet unable to truly grasp all that that entails. More and more I'm grieving the loss of life as we know it--though what is to come will be far greater!!

Our childbirth classes are great and we're learning a lot. Though I can't imagine what labor and delivery will be like, I'm not that scared of what is to come. I think one of the reasons I'm not as anxious is because I know Adam will be fabulous, loving on me every step of the way--he's going to be such a good dad!!

I'll try to keep this updated in the next couple weeks. Keep checking this, because I'll be posting those first baby pics in just a few weeks!!