Tuesday, December 01, 2009


We went to the mall to see Santa last week and Lennon did great! With his typical furrowed brow, Lennon kept turning around to look at Santa, not knowing who or what he was sitting on. At the end he started to be unsure of where he was, but we ended up getting a good picture. There was a little girl behind us, probably around 3 (maybe a little older) that started crying the second she got on his lap, so we'll see how Lennon does in the coming years!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Lennon is getting faster and faster everyday with his little army crawl. I think he knows that he would be faster if he gets up on his knees, but he hasn't quite figured it out yet. He will get up on his knees and do little hops, but he always flops back on his tummy to move. He is getting into everything (part of me is fine with him not knee-crawling yet, because I'm having a hard time keeping up with him even now!) He has gotten into our bookshelf and pulled all our books off and he loves to pull the videos and movies off the little entertainment center. But his absolute favorite is the cat food and water dishes. He will get to it in seconds and he won't give into distractions--he will humor us for a minute of to and then sneak back at the first chance he gets! Here's a clip of him (which will be the last, because we need to start teaching him that it's not okay--plus, Annie and Winston get stressed when he does it). And don't worry, he hasn't even attempted to eat it yet!

He's also starting to pull himself into a standing position and is getting really good at standing on his own. Oh, an he has one of his top teeth, with the other top tooth only a few days away from popping through--it's amazing of fast he is growing and learning!

Monday, November 02, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Our little cowboy:

Lennon's first carousel ride:

Friday, October 30, 2009

So it's begun...Lennon is on the move! He has started this funny army crawl and is now into everything (apparently the motivation that I needed to keep the house picked up and clutter-free!) He's still getting the hang of it and sometimes gets frustrated that he can't move as fast as he would like, but he's on his way!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Snow Day!

We have about 2 feet of snow outside and Adam has had 2 snow days, which have been fun to cuddle up indoors and enjoy the weather. We took Lennon outside for a few minutes so he could experience the snow. However, we probably should have waited until after his nap. He wasn't in the most cheerful mood and wasn't quite sure what to think about everything. But he looks awfully cute in his snowsuit and depending on how he's feeling later, we may bundle him up again...

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Lennon loves the cats. Annie could care less about Lennon. However, Winston is always curious about Lennon, even though their interaction usually ends with Lennon having a huge clump of Winston's hair in his hands. Here's a clip of Lennon trying to get to Winston, even though Winston is keeping his distance...

Lennon is master of the pouty face. He can pop that bottom lip out in the blink of an eye. It never fails to get us laughing because it's so darn cute!


Snow Day!!! The snow is coming down and we're expecting over a foot of snow in the next day. Adam and I both have a snow day--Adam from school and me from my afternoon water aerobics class! Not really fall-like weather, but it's fun to be shut in for a day--and it makes it easier to deal with because it's supposed to be around 60 this weekend.

Lennon's first pumpkin carving....

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Our little cutie!
Lennon's two teeth (they're coming in crooked):
Here's a clip of Lennon spinning, which he's quickly mastering:

Saturday, October 10, 2009

He went to the doctor about a week ago and he's doing great. He's 16 pounds 5 ounces, which puts him in the 20th percentile for weight. He's almost 26.5 inches long, which is also in the 20th percentile. However, his head is in the 90th percentile--he just has a huge brain!

Lennon has also started on solids. He really likes cereal and he loves prunes, but he's not too crazy about bananas. We'll slowly add more food, I think we're going to try avocados next.

And to top things off, he also got his second tooth on Tuesday. So now he has his two bottom, front teeth, and he looks pretty cute!

Here's his first prunes experience:

Not taking to bananas too well:
Pretending like he knows what to do with a sippee cup:

Monday, September 28, 2009

This weekend was Harper's first birthday party, which was celebrated with a pool party, among other things. Lennon loves playing with and watching his older friends and we always love hanging out with our great friends. Despite all our travels and adventures this summer, Lennon as never been swimming, so we were excited to get him in. He loved being in the cooler hot tub, splashing all around, as the pictures and video show.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

6 Months!

Lennon is 6 months old today! He is just so much fun and we are loving every minute of parenthood. It's hard to believe how fast he's growing--he's getting really strong and is becoming a little bit more mobile--spinning around on his tummy and even scooting backwards every so often.

He celebrated his half birthday early by getting his first tooth on Tuesday! I think a second is following soon. He's been really good through all of it, but hopefully some of his symptoms (mainly his restlessness in the middle of the night) will subside a bit.

Our little guy 6 months ago...

And today...
Not too sure about Ophie...
Just like his daddy, he already loves beer! (and no, he didn't actually get to taste any--but he was trying really hard)

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Videos, Videos, Videos

Hello! I've been falling behind on psting some videos of Lennon, so I'm just going to post a bunch all at once.

This video is when we were on our trip in July. The first few minutes are of Lennon giggling and the second part of the clip is Lennon's reaction to a great toy--his expressions are priceless! Sorry the clips aren't separated, but we were using a video camera and it makes the video clips a weird file type so we can't splice it...

This is when my parents were out the beginning of August. Grandpa is playing peek-a-boo with Lennon...

Talking and rolling over...Lennon is jabbering all the time now and he's consistently rolling over. He still is not crazy about being on his tummy, but now he can do something about it!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

My parents were in town a couple weeks back. We had a great time just hanging out with them. It was really hard to say goodbye. Adam was back in school when they left, and Lennon was actually sleeping when they pulled out of the driveway so it was way too quiet and lonely the moment they left. Unfortunately, we won't see them until Christmas (which is only 4 months away) and Lennon will be a very active 9-month-old by then.
Lennon is 5 months old, which is hard to believe. He is grabbing at everything (and putting everything he gets his hands on in his mouth) and talking up a storm. We're having a blast.

At White Fence Farm:

He's teething...he is so close to breaking a tooth, his poor gums are hard and there is one bumpy spot that has to break loose one of these days!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

4 Month Doctor Appointment

Lennon had his 4 month doctor appointment yesterday, which went really well. He got another set of vaccines, which he's been reacting pretty well to. He's a little fussy, but that may also be combined with his teething symptoms. I'm praying that tooth breaks through soon because he's so restless lately--even at night.

Here are his measurements from his appointment:
Weight: 15 pounds, 6 ounces which puts him in the 47th percentile
Length 24.5 inches which is the 21st percentile (he's obviously really short)
Head Circumference: 17.25 inches which is in the 80th percentile (his brain is just so big!!)

The total body percentile (weight for length) is 76%. Not too bad--I was expecting it to be in the 90s because everyone says he's so big. But I think he looks chunkier because of his head size and the fact that he's so short. But still more growing to do...just not too fast!!!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Wisconsin...Part 2

Some more pictures...
With Julie:
Great Grandma:
Brenna, helping with the teething situation:
Great Aunt Diane:Derrick:Lynn and the future pianist:Hanging out with Grandma in New Glarus:Grandpa, one of Lennon's favorite people!

New Glarus

My parents took us to New Glarus to visit the brewery. New Glarus is a cute, Swiss town of about 2,000 people. We had lunch and ate some great, authentic food. Then Adam, John and I headed off to the original brewery, which is still operational, for the beginning of the special "Hard Hat Tour." The owner and brewmaster, Dan, as well as the productions manager, led the tour. We then headed up the hill to their new, state of the art brewery. The tour lasted 3 hours and at the end we got to hang out with the brewmaster, drinking beer. My mom and Lennon enjoyed their time walking around the town, touring the historical village. We all had a great time!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wisconsin...Part 1

The last stop! Visiting Wisconsin is always busy with family and friends. We spent a couple days with my Grandma Ackatz. On Saturday we had the family over for a BBQ and then on Sunday we had friends over for another BBQ. Lennon did pretty well with all of the activity. Unfortunately, he's starting to teethe pretty intensely so he's been a little fussier than normal.

We got to do some more vacation-y things as well. On Wednesday, we went to Milwaukee to spend the afternoon with my uncle Scott and got to tour the Lakefront brewery. And then on Friday, we went to New Glarus brewery.

With Great Grandma Ackatz:
Great Aunt Diane (right before Lennon spit up all over her...it's a sign of love!):Great Aunt Jenny:My cousin Tim stylin' him up a bit:Patti and Lennon: