Tuesday, March 26, 2013

 This past month has sometimes seemed like it's been all about the teething--poor Tesla is in so much pain and it's taking it's toll on all of us.  She celebrated turning 9 months by cutting one tooth, but her symptoms haven't subsided, so we're hoping that second one will hurry up.  When she's teething hard, she refuses to eat baby food (though I'm afraid this might be a permanent rejection of baby food)--she'll pick at solid foods a bit because I think the action of chewing helps--here's her with a green bean in her mouth:
 She also doesn't really nap during the day (I keep telling myself that it's because of the teething because I really need to believe that!).  She's exhausted all the time, but will still fight sleep until the bitter end--we were shocked on night at dinner when we looked over and she was sleeping--this is the first of hopefully many times she will do that!
 We've had a couple decent snowfalls in March and we have a good little sledding hill right near our house.  The first time I took the kids myself--it wore me out, trekking through the snow pulling Lennon in the sled and holding Tesla in my arms.  I love the look on Lennon's face that says, "Really, Mom"--it makes me smile.
 Such a great big brother--making sure his sister is okay and trying to get her to have some fun.
 The second snow was on the weekend--the day after the snow was a high in the 40s, so it was fun not having to bundle up. 
One tired little girl:
The boys having a snowball fight:
Lennon is not a natural daredevil, so he had some anxiety about falling off the sled, but once he was on his way, he had fun.
Tesla is not loving the snow angels:
Tesla started clapping this month--so fun!
 Lennon and I had a little date the week before his birthday--we went to paint pottery.  After a long time deciding what to paint, he ultimately chose the alien/monster bank.  Though I did most of the painting, he told me exactly what to do.  The little guy turned out great--he's speckled green with black numbers and letters all over and polka dots.
One Friday the weather was in the upper 70s so we ventured to the zoo, which was what everyone did as well--it was packed.  We met up with Jared, Beka and Jordon and had a great day together.  Here's Tesla as we're waiting for the Freeman's at the entrance--she didn't mind the sunglasses at all!
Lennon was having a hard time staying patient waiting for them to arrive so that we could enter the zoo:
Lennon riding the bear on the carousel:
With Uncle Jared on the train--the last few times we've been to the zoo the train was down for maintenance, so Lennon was thrilled that it was running.  However, because of the crowds, we had to wait in line while 3 trains came and went--Lennon was not a patient boy during that time.
Beka and Jordon:
Tesla's favorite game is peek-a-boo.  She initiates it whenever she has something in her hands.  She also likes to combine peek-a-boo with trying to get dressed, something that Lennon used to try to do all the time!
Tesla is keeping us on our toes--she gets into so much more trouble than Lennon ever did:  she puts everything in her mouth, she plays with outlets and the plugs in outlets and she will go right back to doing the same thing that she was told she couldn't do the second she thinks she's in the clear--none of these behaviors had to be addressed when Lennon was a baby....we're in trouble!
She doesn't like to be stopped--she wanted to crawl off the chair and I wouldn't let her...
 And this is what happens when she doesn't get what she wants...very dramatic!
Tesla has also mastered climbing up the stairs.  There are times we forget to put up the gate at the bottom of the stairs and we hear squealing up in the bathroom (she usually heads straight for the bathtub).  There was one morning when I was emptying the dishwasher and Lennon was playing in the living room.  We both heard her, and both immediately said "uh-oh" and ran up the stairs to get her.  We are still mastering going down backwards--there will be a lot less urgency to get her when she gets that down!

Saturday, March 02, 2013

8 months--crazy!  Tesla has such a great, fun personality--she definitely knows what she wants!  We are still waiting on those teeth, which are proving to be just as stubborn as this little girl.  She has two very tight bumps on her bottom gums.  She's feistier and fussier than normal and is irritable most days.  Lennon's main symptom of teething was to sleep more, but Tesla has always thought sleep is unnecessary and is sticking with that mantra for teething as well.  She sleeps the same at night, but these 5 minute morning naps are getting really old.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she will be back to normal naps once those teeth finally break through!
   Tesla's first word was "Mama"--though there's not much of a surprise to anyone, considering she still prefers to be by me every second of the day.  Her crawling only gets her to me faster--and now that she can stand up, she practically climbs onto me by herself!  And every once in awhile we think she's saying "Non" for Lennon.  She's been saying "mama" for most of the month, but it's been in the past couple weeks where she's using it in the correct context.  At night, before she was saying mama, she would wake up and kind of groan for me (nice and quietly)--now she wakes up and immediately yells (well, it feels loud anyway) "mama."
I looked back at the picture of Lennon from last month and I feel like he's grown up so much since then (and Adam and I feel like he's going through a growth spurt because he sure is clumsy lately).  He's getting really excited about his 4th birthday and party--he's having a solar system party and talks about it everyday.  He never ceases to amaze us with how fast he learns.  He's starting to read and is obsessed with spelling and sounding out words.  He's learning the United States and syllables, and loves counting the syllables in each state--that's the soundtrack that you hear in our house every single day!
Tesla is beginning to walk around and behind things--too fast!  Everyday I notice a difference in her balance and strength.
 Though she's lost some of the fascination with her tongue, it's still makes an appearance every now and then!
 Our Beauty!
 Tesla LOVES giving kisses--when she wants to give you a kiss, you WILL get a kiss, whether you want one or not.  Thankfully, Lennon loves receiving kisses from his little sister--he thinks it's hilarious!
 Loving on Annie, who is so good to Tesla:
 We watched Jordon a couple days this past week and Tesla is so excited to have a playmate her size (if only he was as thrilled).  She literally would follow him everywhere and did everything he did.  If he wasn't paying attention to her (which was most of the time) she would crawl all over him to get his attention.  However, Jordon never budged and just ignored her--even when she was literally sitting on him!
Poor Tesla and poor Jordon--poor Tesla because she just wanted some attention from her cousin (and she just doesn't understand why Jordon won't kiss her back).  And poor Jordon because he just wants some peace!
Here's Tesla at the beginning of the month stuck standing behind her walker (she's up and down and all around now).  Tesla's crying in this video because she can't figure out to get down and she wanted me.  Though Tesla loves to cuddle with Lennon and I together most times, there are those moments when she doesn't want to share me.  She will be sitting on my lap along with Lennon and she starts to fuss and push her brother away.  But I'm really posting it because of my sweet, sweet boy--who is so loving, affectionate and considerate (he always makes sure we always save goodies for Adam when he gets home--so thoughtful).  He is so generous with his "I love yous" and his hugs and his kisses--I love it all!!