Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Big Announcement!

As some of you may already know, our family will be expanding in June! Lennon will be a big brother and is very excited about it. Nine times out of ten, he says he's having a baby sister and he says how he's going to sing "Twinkle, Twinkle" and "ABCs" to the baby.
I've been a lot more sick with this pregnancy and Lennon takes really good care of me. He always makes sure I have a Jolly Rancher to make my tummy feel better and he is quick to remind me that, "Mama's sick because the baby in your tummy."
He's going to be a great big brother!

Monday, November 07, 2011


Remax Festival
Each year Remax has a family and friends appreciation festival and we've never been able to go. But this year we finally made it--and it was great! The best thing about it was free pumpkins--you get 1 for each child and 1 per couple, so we left there with 2 great pumpkins in hand--definitely worth it!
Lennon trying to pick out his pumpkin--he wanted to pick the smallest, most misshapen one and thought it was so strange that we were wanting him to pick a big, round one...where's the fun in that!
Still irritated about the round pumpkin thing:
As soon as we got there, we got on the list to take a hot-air balloon ride, but I think only the people that were there the second it started had time to ride...maybe next year.
Amazed at the hot-air balloons:
Carving Pumpkins
We carved pumpkins the week before Halloween. Lennon only offered minimal help--Adam cleaned out the inside of the pumpkins and I carved them.
Lennon loved saying "eeeww" through the entire process:
Adam and Lennon yelling--I guess over the grossness of it all!
Lennon, proud of his Buzz and Woody pumpkins:
I was really proud of the Buzz and Woody pumpkins I created. Too bad they only lasted a day--the next afternoon, as we pulled in the driveway, Lennon gasped as he saw Woody's face caved in and Buzz's faced chewed off by squirrels, rabbits, or some creature that likes to eat awesome-looking pumpkins.
We went over to the Dow's to go trick-or-treating again this year. Like last year, the weather was great and we had a blast! Here's Lennon in his Woody costume, waiting (maybe patiently?) to get some candy.
Lennon has to pick up his trick-or-treating pace--He always wanted to knock on the doors, but Harper knew what she was doing and she would run to the the next house. Lennon, on the other hand, would take a casual pace (to give him some credit, I think he was also having a hard time walking in his cowboy boots).
I love the tipped hat!
Lennon and Huck (Huck decided that his outfit was awesome enough to be his costume!)
Awww--I love how confused or scared Lennon looks (he will probably have the same look in about 15 years!)
Lennon was so excited about his candy. After Halloween, he was pretty good about following our rules about having one piece after lunch and after dinner (assuming he ate well). However, there was one morning that he tattled on himself--when Adam came back in the room, Lennon said, "Oops, I had a little bit of candy." I guess we don't have to worry about Lennon sneaking around behind our backs--let's hope it stays that way!

Saturday, October 15, 2011


My parents came into town for a couple weeks the end of September. No matter how long they are here, it always feels like we are rushing to get all our projects done before they leave. But we had lots of fun little adventures while they were in town....

White Fence Farm
Grandma and Lennon walking in--Lennon sporting his new Toy Story cowboy boots!
Rockies Game
Since Lennon loved the Rockies game that we took him to at the beginning of the summer, we wanted to squeeze one last game in. Our season was already over and we didn't go into the game expecting something spectacular, but were looking forward to the experience of it all. It was a hot day, reaching 90 degrees--instead of complaining about the sun beating down on us, we tried to enjoy the last days of summer.
Lennon taking a nice (sweaty) nap.
We cut out of the game at the beginning of the 8th inning--we were already losing so badly, and the heat was finally getting to us. It was nice to beat the post-game crowd and enjoy a quiet downtown.
Adam's parents got a bowling coupon that we weren't able to use during their visit, so we used it with my parents (on the very last day it was valid!) This was Lennon's first time bowling and he loved it--his favorite part was the ball return. He wanted to carry his 6 pound ball all by himself and once that ball was on its way towards the pins, he ran back to the ball return to wait for his orange ball. We all had a blast!
Such a mischievous look on Lennon's face!
The Zoo
We ventured to the zoo on the last day of my parents' visit. My mom was excited to take Lennon on the carousel and the train--and I think she may have had more fun on the rides than Lennon did!
On the train--Lennon was excited to ride the train this time and was waving and smiling.
We had a blast while they were here, and Lennon adjusted to them leaving better than he has in the past--I think as he gets older, he understands that when they leave, he will still get to see them on the computer. Lennon already talks about Christmas when he gets to see them again!

Friday, September 09, 2011


Lennon and I ventured to Ohio over Labor Day weekend to celebrate the marriage of my cousin Joe to Michelle. Unfortunately, Adam couldn't come because of work (we went Thursday-Tuesday) and he was greatly missed. Lennon traveled amazingly--he loved the plane!
Grandma and Lennon:
Watching Toy Story (don't be fooled by Lennon's face, he loves Toy Story):
The Wedding
Saturday was a super hot day, but tons of fun. Lennon was really interested in the wedding ceremony and was paying close attention to everything. However, he began melting down and decided to be cranky during the reception. The one thing that he was very excited about was the wedding cake and chose to camp out most of the reception by the cake table.

Joe and Michelle:
Erik, Karen, Rob and Lara in from California:
This is why naps are essential. Characteristic of his mood most of the least there's one smile in the picture!
Drew, Leah and Emery:
Rob, John, Cathy, Jim, Linda and Tom: the siblings partying it up!
Such a cutie!
Enjoying wedding cake!
So pensive!
I really wanted to dance all night, but Lennon chose a great time to be cranky. I managed to get a dance in with my dad and kept trying to get Lennon out on the dance floor with me. Finally, I stopped caring if he wanted to or not and decided to dance the night away with a crying child in my arms (does that make me a bad mother--torturing my child through dance?!)
Emery deciding to go for a pony ride on Lennon, and Lennon letting him!
Marion's Pizza
Marion's Pizza is a tradition whenever we're in Dayton. It's where we had our family reunion just a year before. We had the whole section to ourselves and the pizza is great, so we all had a great time!

Erik and Lennon playing:
Grandpa giving Lennon kisses--it's a good thing Lennon likes kisses, because he's just so darn kissable!
John, Tom and Erin--The next day, Tom and Erin headed off, trailer in tow, to Arizona to move Erin out there and to be reunited with Carla:
Lennon spent the first part of the time at Marion's Pizza hiding in the corner (his decision, not mine!)
Emery getting ready for football season:
Uncle Drew and Lennon having a good time:
Most of the family--missing Carla and Adam:
The Cousins:
Missing Adam: