Friday, September 09, 2011


Lennon and I ventured to Ohio over Labor Day weekend to celebrate the marriage of my cousin Joe to Michelle. Unfortunately, Adam couldn't come because of work (we went Thursday-Tuesday) and he was greatly missed. Lennon traveled amazingly--he loved the plane!
Grandma and Lennon:
Watching Toy Story (don't be fooled by Lennon's face, he loves Toy Story):
The Wedding
Saturday was a super hot day, but tons of fun. Lennon was really interested in the wedding ceremony and was paying close attention to everything. However, he began melting down and decided to be cranky during the reception. The one thing that he was very excited about was the wedding cake and chose to camp out most of the reception by the cake table.

Joe and Michelle:
Erik, Karen, Rob and Lara in from California:
This is why naps are essential. Characteristic of his mood most of the least there's one smile in the picture!
Drew, Leah and Emery:
Rob, John, Cathy, Jim, Linda and Tom: the siblings partying it up!
Such a cutie!
Enjoying wedding cake!
So pensive!
I really wanted to dance all night, but Lennon chose a great time to be cranky. I managed to get a dance in with my dad and kept trying to get Lennon out on the dance floor with me. Finally, I stopped caring if he wanted to or not and decided to dance the night away with a crying child in my arms (does that make me a bad mother--torturing my child through dance?!)
Emery deciding to go for a pony ride on Lennon, and Lennon letting him!
Marion's Pizza
Marion's Pizza is a tradition whenever we're in Dayton. It's where we had our family reunion just a year before. We had the whole section to ourselves and the pizza is great, so we all had a great time!

Erik and Lennon playing:
Grandpa giving Lennon kisses--it's a good thing Lennon likes kisses, because he's just so darn kissable!
John, Tom and Erin--The next day, Tom and Erin headed off, trailer in tow, to Arizona to move Erin out there and to be reunited with Carla:
Lennon spent the first part of the time at Marion's Pizza hiding in the corner (his decision, not mine!)
Emery getting ready for football season:
Uncle Drew and Lennon having a good time:
Most of the family--missing Carla and Adam:
The Cousins:
Missing Adam: