Monday, October 08, 2012

3 Months Old

I know I say this every month, but I can't believe how quickly Tesla is growing up--Here are some of the Schafer family highlights from the past month.....
Tesla's rolling over both ways--tummy to back & back to tummy!  I was surprised when she did it--mainly because she's only been on her tummy a handful of times (...second child) and was even more surprised when she rolled back onto her tummy--I'm definitely not encouraging her to start moving, especially since I have a feeling that once she's on the move, she won't stop!
She is a talker and has a lot to say and she's beginning to giggle--and how can you resist those dimples!
I'm so proud of Lennon and how good of a big brother he is--he will play with her and pacify her when she is starting to get riled up.  And Tesla loves her big brother and is fascinated by everything he does:
 She is extremely strong-willed and stubborn (just as much as Lennon is, but in a different way, I think--we'll see how it develops as she gets older).  I had to work away from home several times at the end of September for our annual Banquet at work--and instead of giving into her utter exhaustion, she chose to scream for 4 hours, just to prove how angry and pissed off she was.  She's feisty and she makes her presence and feelings known, something I secretly love that about her (though it probably won't be as endearing in 10 years).  Sometimes it translates into being a pain, but mostly it makes me smile!

She is tolerating her daddy more.  She still adores her mommy, but she will humor Adam more often, and for longer periods--what used to be a 2 minute tolerance is now stretched to 30 minutes (though it's still only 2 minutes after 6pm most nights).
 Here's Tesla's typical pout that she flashes whenever she's ready to be back with her mommy:
 She likes all the attention--sometimes the only reason she's fussing is because she has something to say and wants an audience.  Getting her diaper changed is one of her favorite things, and I think it's because all the focus is on her!

We decided to go mini golfing near our house and it was so much fun that we wondered why we hadn't done it earlier!
Lennon started off trying to use his golf club but just ended up throwing or rolling the ball--and he did get a hole-in-one by tossing it into the windmill.

First Snow
We had our first snow of the season and Tesla's first snow ever--so I bundled them up and headed outside:
 Lennon was thrilled to see the snow (it's almost as if he knew it had snowed because he woke up at 5:30am).  He was making little snowballs, throwing them on the ground and then stomping on them.
 Here she is one second, having fun in the cold and snow...
 ...and here she is the next second, ready to go inside!