Tuesday, July 31, 2012

1 Month Old

I can't believe Tesla is over a month old already--why is time going by so fast?  Here are highlights from the past month....

First Bath
Tesla thanked her daddy for holding her during her first bath by peeing all over him and the floor!
I am definitely taking advantage of being the favorite person in my daughter's life, as I know it may be short-lived (Lennon was a momma's boy until about 18 months--then he discovered how cool his dad is and the boy's club was formed!).  Poor Adam only gets about 10 minutes at a time with Tesla before she wants her momma.
 Tesla loves to scrunch down--you can start holding her up on your shoulder, but she will always end up at your chest--I just love the 'melting-into-you phase' that she's still in.
 Tesla was a major hiccup-er.  The first couple weeks of her life she would average about 15 bouts of hiccups a day.  Although I feel like Lennon had more hiccups during pregnancy, Tesla's increased slightly at the very end of the pregnancy.

 First 4th of July!
Tesla was born weighing 7lbs/11oz.  At her two day appointment she was down to 7lbs/5oz--not too bad.  At her two week appointment she grew .25 inches to put her at 20.5 inches long and she was up to 8lbs/10oz--almost a pound over her birth weight.  The doctor called her an olympic eater!
 Lennon was on one side of our bed watching a movie, while Tesla was on the other side of the bed while I was at the desk across the room.  I would look over at them every few minutes and would see Lennon  inching closer to his sister.  This was the end result--I love it!
 Lennon doting on his sister:

 Lennon loves holding his sister every chance he gets:

Our little girl at one month--time is flying by and we're trying to soak up every moment.  We are amazed at how alert Tesla is--she was alert from the day she was born.  She loves to take in her surroundings,  and especially loves Lennon's artwork.  Most days I have to coerce her to sleep because she is exhausted, yet fighting to stay awake.
 Starting to smile...and she has dimples!  Hopefully there will be many more smile pictures to come!
 At my 6 week check-up with our midwife, Mary, who delivered Tesla--we absolutely LOVED our midwives and I feel so blessed that they were such an integral part of our lives, with helping to bring our sweet little girl into this world!  I weighed Tesla while we were there and she is about 10 pounds!

And we can't forget Lennon....He still amazes us with how smart he is.  He can count to 100 and his new thing is reciting and writing the alphabet backwards.  He still loves his music--here he is dancing (don't know where he learned to stick his butt and hips out like he does!)

Saturday, July 28, 2012


 Wow, I'm already behind on blogging ....

Here are a bunch of pics with the family. visits  We were planning on having my parents wait to come out until about a week after Tesla was born, since we were told she was going to come early.  However, with each passing day and each passing week, I became more and more useless around the house (cleaning, meals, laundry, etc...all those things needed for family survival).  So we opted to have my parents come out (hoping that would spark her arrival) to help us out--and they were a big help.  It was great to have real food, a cleaner house and an added distraction to the fact that I was still huge and pregnant.
 They were both helpful during labor (my mom was forced back into the not-so-fun roll of taking care of a sick daughter right before we left for the hospital).  When we got the emergency room parking lot, I realized I forgot my wallet--my dad was gracious enough to bring it to us right away.  He didn't make it there before Tesla was born, but his reward was that he was the first to meet our little girl!
  I love these pictures of Lennon and his Grandpa--they show the special bond that is between them.  Their games of choice were playing "parking lot" and "bank robbers," in which they built the bank and had the robber cars come and steal all the coins (they even closed the vault each night before bed)--that game lasted the 2 weeks of their visit, and will probably pick back up on their next visit.
 Not too many tears were shed this time, surprisingly--maybe it's because we'll be seeing them in August.  It was a stark contrast from when we dropped them off at the airport after Lennon was born.  As always, after Lennon woke up from his nap and when he woke up the next morning, he asked where Grandma and Grandpa were.
 Don overlapped with my parents visit by a day, which was nice so they all could see each other.  They continued where my parents left off with helping with meals and keeping the kitchen cleaned (which is a big feat in our house!).  We spent most of his visit just hanging out, as with my parents, and enjoying the new babies (this was the first time Don met Jordon as well), though we had a few fun outings duing the two weeks.
We all got a season pass to Bear Creek Lake Park and spent most of the day at the beach.  Jared and Beka got us a great screened canopy, which was where the babies hung out:
  Don with his two new grandchildren:
  We also went to the zoo together--Lennon had the most fun that he's ever had there. 
Jordon and Lennon love each other--Lennon can always get Jordon to smile and Lennon feels so proud when that happens!
Here's a picture with a gibbon monkey fascinated with Tesla.  He (it could have been a female) was on the window playing with Lennon when he saw Tesla in my wrap and immediately went over to us--I don't know if he thought it was a baby monkey or not, but they had a special connection--very cool!
  Aunt Beka and Tesla:
Lennon playing with Jordon's foam letters and numbers with Papa and Dad: