Monday, December 17, 2012

So I'm a little late with the 5 month pics, considering Tesla will be 6 months this week!
Lennon was never a foot chewer, but Tesla does enjoy them!
Here are some other things we've been up to the past couple months...Lennon has discovered the Wii.  He really just enjoys watching Adam and I play (I guess it's a good excuse for a break), but he's been know to start up a game and catch a fish or two!
Tesla is now sitting up on her own--she's still a little wobbly, but when she falls she catches herself--it's amazing how a slight change in perspective can occupy her for so much longer!
This just makes me laugh--Lennon had (still has!) the same scowl--obviously it's genetic!
Lennon's dance moves never get old!
Tesla is so close to crawling--she'll get up on all fours and rock.  Even from this video, she has mastered the backwards crawl, so the days where you can just leave her with a few toys are over--she's on the move.  However, she gets frustrated that she goes backwards, when the thing she wants is always in front her her--not too much longer....

Christmas Fun
 We're having lots of fun leading up to Christmas....We went to Bass Pro Shop to see Santa at the beginning of December.  Though Tesla wasn't thrilled, she held it together long enough to get a picture:
We then took several turns on their carousel--and it was just like Lennon to always choose the same buck--I tried to encourage him to ride the other animals and he thought that was the weirdest suggestion ever!
Tesla looking confused, though she had fun:
We went up with our friends to North Fork again this year, and cut down a tree for the Halders.  It was strange hiking in the mountains in December without snow and without jackets.
We saw Santa at the North Fork Fire Station--Lennon didn't want to go before lunch (because we always see Santa after lunch, he said).  Tesla was not thrilled:
And then right after lunch, as we were all ready to go home, Lennon decided it was time to see Santa.  Tesla was pissed that she had to sit on this weird guy's lap again:
Lennon helping to decorate our tree (in his Christmas jammies from Grandma!):
Zoo Lights
Lennon was very excited for the lights--the entire way to the zoo he would excitedly point out all the house lights.  We passed the Botanic Gardens on the way, which was all lit up, and, for some reason that wasn't nearly as exciting!  But when we got to the zoo and met up with Aunt Shay, he was beside himself:
Tesla, was also beside herself, just in a different way! (Once her mama took her out of the stroller and into the Ergo, she was much more content)

I'll be posting more pictures from all the Christmas festivities soon!