Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lennon chooses his clothes, and most of the time he picks outfits that match pretty well. However, this outfit was pretty random, but he loved it!
Lennon's two favorite things are the ABCs and 123s. Other kids love cars or dolls or sports, but Lennon just loves his alphabet and numbers. He's known the letters for awhile, and he's known his numbers since Christmas, thanks to a great number puzzle he received. He knows his numbers up to 20 and can count consecutively to 15. When he's playing on his own or trying to occupy himself, you will hear him singing the alphabet and he counts everything he sees.

Lennon reading:

Monday, May 02, 2011


We did several Easter activities throughout the month of April! Lennon was able to get into the fun this year...

The Farm
The week before Easter, we all went down to the farm (minus the Dows because they suddenly all got sick--they were greatly missed). We all had a blast dying eggs and doing the egg hunt. The adults even got to play a yard game, though there was at least one parent absent at a time taking care of random needs of the kids--but it was a lot fun!

Lennon, Ashlee and Silas:
Dying eggs: Lennon liked to toss the eggs into the cup, which was a bit stressful for me, trying to avoid a major spill. Surprisingly, we finished dying all the eggs without any spills! I think Denae, Sarah and I much preferred dying eggs to decorating Christmas cookies this past December--there weren't any screaming kids, it wasn't as messy and it was quick!
The Egg Hunt: Every time Lennon would see an egg he would shout, "Egg!"
Church Egg Hunt
We went with some friends to their church's egg hunt the day before Easter. Unfortunately, the weather was freezing so we didn't stay too long--as we were leaving, it started to snow. The area that Lennon was in for the hunt was for kids 6 months-4 years, which was a huge age range. We found a spot in the corner and Lennon did his thing, taking his time to pick up each egg. It only took about a minute or two before a swarm of kids and parents bombarded us:
Easter Day
Lennon had the "Happy Easter!" greeting down and was practicing it while we were getting packed up for church:

This bunny mask is actually pretty creepy: