Saturday, October 23, 2010

Grandma and Grandpa Martz

My parents came for a visit the beginning of October. A few days before their arrival, I started telling Lennon that Grandma and Grandpa were coming. I assumed he wasn't paying attention or didn't understand; however, the day they were coming, when he woke up from his nap I asked him who was coming to see him, and he immediately answered "Pa!"

Lennon, patiently waiting for their car to pull in the driveway:
Adam and I both agree that Lennon prefers his "Pa" over anyone else, even his mom and dad! All Lennon wanted to do was play with his grandpa. If Grandpa would leave the room, Lennon would not be happy. Every time Grandpa entered the room, Lennon would exclaim, "Pa!" and run over to him. So because of that popularity, I put Grandpa in charge of nap time, and Lennon cooperated so much better than he does with Adam and Grandpa was in charge of nap time from that day forward.
Grandma and Lennon:
Lennon taking a break from climbing on his Grandpa:
My mom and I finished Lennon's Halloween costume. Lennon loves to roar, so I thought he would love being a lion. Here he is without the lion head on:
I made the lion head separate, thinking that he would love to play with it even after Halloween was over, but Lennon did not like the hood at all--he would throw it off immediately and cry. Here he is just after he's thrown the hood:Lennon's favorite part of his costume is the tail. At first, he would chase the tail in circles, but then he learned how to grab it:

The Pumpkin Festival
We went to the Pumpkin Festival at the Denver Botanic Gardens on a very cold and rainy Sunday morning. There weren't too many people there, which was nice because Lennon just wanted to run around.
My mom and I took Lennon on a tea cup-like ride...I think he would have enjoyed it more if his Dad and Grandpa were with him because all he cared about was where they were. I think next year will be the year that he really gets into all these fun activities.
The weather was really cold and rainy that morning--so because he had the hood of his jacket over his head, we were able to sneak his lion hat on without him noticing.Lennon loved the pumpkins--if we would have let him sit on or pick up every pumpkin, he would have!Lennon ran up to two teenage girls who were picking out pumpkins. He was either trying to steal it from them or he was trying to be a gentleman and carry it for them--either way, he won their hearts!
He loved running through the corn fields--we had a hard time keeping up with him.

We all worked together to refinish my Grandma's bench that is now Lennon's toy box--Adam and I painted, my mom and I reupholstered the bench, and then my dad and Adam had the tough job of making the new hinges fit, which posed a more difficult task than initially thought. But it's so great having a place to hide his toys (whether or not that happens!) and to add extra seating in our living room.
Lennon had a rough rest of the day when my parents left--he doesn't understand what kind of goodbye he is saying. He kept crying for his "Pa," especially before and after his nap. It was a sad day for all of us. But Lennon was definitely worn out the rest of the week, this is Lennon the day after Grandpa and Grandma left:

The Farm

At the end of September, Lennon and I went down to the farm to see the new sheep. Lennon loves to 'baa' every time he sees a picture of sheep, so I was excited to see how he would react to one up close. He was a little apprehensive at first (as he is with most things), but then quickly warmed up to them.

Ashlee, Silas and Harper:
Silas and Ashlee:

Friday, October 15, 2010

Last of the Summer

Sorry it's been so long...the days just fly by!

Here are some pictures from the end of summer...

Conked out in the Burley on our ride back from the farmer's market.
Schafer Visit
Don and Marilyn came out the beginning of August for a visit.
Lennon, as always, loved seeing them!

At the Rockies game:
Lennon started plugging his ears when the Schafer's were visiting. He's like his mom and sometimes he just needs some peace and quiet, no matter where he is! There are certain songs that, when they are played, Lennon tunes them out--I guess he's becoming a music snob like his dad already!
Don, Marilyn and Beka took Lennon on a hike while Adam and I were both at work. Lennon loves being outside and they said he seemed to enjoy being in the backpack.
This is the snake that was just a few feet away from Beka and her dog as they were sitting on a rock.
Lennon loves his puzzles. His big thing at the time was to stack them:

Lennon loves to play dress-up with his clothes and shoes.
I had a hard enough time finding my keys before Lennon started playing with them!
Lennon found a pen and decided to tattoo himself. Thankfully it was just his arms and not the walls. Although today I caught him right as he was taking a crayon to the wall--clearly paper is getting boring!
Our hike--Adam and I realized all too quickly that it has been way too long since our last hike...and our bodies reminded us of that for days after. We were probably a little too ambitious when we decided on a trail that took several hours to finish, had a quick rise in elevation, and was one that we had never done before. But it was nice to get up and enjoy the mountains.
Enjoying his last swim outdoors before labor day:
Reading with his Uncle Ross:
I'm thankful that Lennon is still a cuddler, but I see more and more independence in him everyday--so I will saver every moment I get!
Lennon loves chasing after the cats and will do it for as long as the cats allow. I think the cats secretly love it because most of the time they don't jump the baby gates to get away. Lennon still hasn't learned that he can take a quicker path to catch them--he plays follow-the-leader and takes whatever route the cats take!

I will really try to be better about posting photos, videos and stories...I have more ready to post--it's just a matter of time!! It's so fun to see how Lennon changes each day--we are having so much fun with him!