Tuesday, January 05, 2016


School Night at Lakeside Amusement Park:
We went to Lakeside the beginning of June to support the school and have some fun. We started out in the kiddie section while Tesla warmed up to the rides.
 Lennon humored Tesla by riding some "boring" rides with her!
 Riding a ride similar to the Scrambler, but bigger.  Lennon had a blast...Tesla, riding with Adam, did not.
 The carousel is more her speed!
 Lennon insisted on going on the roller coaster with Adam....a real roller coaster.  I slyly asked Adam if he thought that was a good idea and he said yes, so off they went:
 Look at this thing!! I was super nervous the whole time, but hopeful that he would enjoy himself. 
 I was waiting at the exit for them and I saw a little boy who was trying not to cry, drenched in sweat...needless to say we will be waiting a few more years to do another roller coaster!
 Being silly:

Tesla Turns 3!!
Tesla was so very excited about her Princess birthday party. She helped with as much as she could (and what I would let her see!), including the cake...she got the best part!
We let her open her Princess figurines present the morning of her party because that's what she was going to decorate her cake with!
 Setting up for the party with Princess Canopies:
 And lots of frou-frou pom-poms!
  My 3-year-old posing with her tiara and wand:
 Lennon posing coolness and attitude!
 Cinderella's carriage pinata:
 Slip 'n Slide fun:
 She placed her princesses exactly where she wanted them:
Birthday Ice Cream:
Lennon and Tesla enjoying her new princess castle that she got from Auntie Em & Uncle Jordan:


Sunday morning hike:
We hadn't been riding our bikes very much since we've been living with Don and Marilyn. The kids bikes are the only ones accessible, so we would take them to the open space behind their house for the kids to practice.
Here's a clip from Tesla's CBS concert.  She had a love-hate relationship with CBS--she did really good when she was there and seemed to enjoy herself while she was there, but when I asked her how it was, she always said she didn't like it, and she never wanted to go.  Either way, she's pretty adorable:

Learning to write her name--and I LOVE how she draws people!
The Hood's Visit
Leah, Drew, Emery and baby Soren came for a visit the beginning of May because Drew had work out here...the kids were SO excited to see each other!
Lego fun!
And this was the first time we got to meet baby Soren...Tesla was in love!
Lennon calls Emery his best friend and they were inseparable!
I think both the boys cried when saying goodbye--we had such a good time and were all really sad to say goodbye:
Birthday pic with my baby!
Kindergarten Field Day
The kindergartners had a special field day at the end of the year (whereas the rest of the school had their field day at the beginning of the year). He had a lot of fun!

School picnic--showing off his face painting:
And his other cheek, with Grace:
Getting ready to get on the bus for his field trip to the Littleton Museum. I didn't ride on the bus with him, but met him at the museum.  All the kids had lots of fun!
Last Day of School
With his teacher Mrs. Bash. He was sad his last day and said he didn't want to say goodbye to Mrs. Bash.

They didn't have a graduation ceremony, but they did have a graduation cake:
This is the book that he made for Mrs. Bash--he wanted to do a book all about himself so that she wouldn't forget him!  "By: Lennon Riley. A story for Mrs. Bash the last day."
"I'm 6. March 24th. Colorado. I lov sharks, star wars and lego's."
"My favorite thing about you as being my teacher is siting on the carpet and learning how to do stuf."
"Thank you for being my teacher! I wil mis you lots. Don't forget me."
We were the last kindergartners to leave...Lennon spent abut 20 minutes walking around the classroom, taking everything in so he remembers it.  He stalled for a good five minutes to say one final goodbye to Mrs. Bash, and then once he gave her that last hug, he couldn't contain his tears anymore and rushed out of the room--such a sweet heart!
Our friends Nathan and Sarah moved down to Florida and we had to say goodbye to our friends.  Lennon and Elias always got along so well and was very sad to say goodbye.
The big project for the summer was helping Papa put a stone sidewalk in the front of their house.  Lennon dug up the grass and carried away the dirt. I think it will be one of his favorite memories with his Papa!
Excited to start the summer!

Cribbage helper: