Tuesday, April 13, 2010


We had a great time with my parents and Leah and Emery in town. We went to the Children's Museum, which was a blast. I didn't really know what to expect from it, but the boys loved it. Lennon is still really sensitive and dramatic around Emery--I don't know if it's a territorial thing or a teething issue--but I'm hoping when we see them this summer it won't be an issue.

Trying to put on his new sandals:Lennon LOVES playing with his Grandpa...there's just something about Grandpas!
This is video of Lennon REALLY enjoying his left over cake (enjoying it a little too much!):

This is at the Children's Museum:

Happy Easter!

We had a great, low key Easter Sunday. We got up, went to church, and then just enjoyed a relaxing day and a great meal. My mom and I left that afternoon to go pick up Leah and Emery from the airport. So we did Round 2 of Easter baskets the next day.

This was Lennon and his Easter basket last year...And this is Lennon and his Easter basket this year...


We had Lennon's first birthday party on Saturday, April 3rd. We delayed the party because we wanted my parents to be able to be here (my parents came on my mom's very last spring break!) My mom and I spent Friday getting ready for the party, making food and decorating the cakes. We had a lot of people come to celebrate Lennon's birthday--around 20 family and friends crammed into our not-so-big place, but I think it worked out well, and hopefully wasn't too cramped. Lennon did great with all the people, and seemed to have a fun time! We are grateful to have so many great friends and family and loved having so many share the day with us (and missed those who are long distance and couldn't be there).

Not too messy after it was all said and done...
Lennon had more fun with the clothes that he was getting than with unwrapping his presents. He loves to put clothes on--It started with trying to put sock and shoes on his feet and now he has expanded to putting hats and shirts (and occasionally pants) on his head and he tries to put pants on his legs. So he has clothes laying around in his room so he can play with them (now I actually have a good excuse for having clothes laying around!)