Thursday, February 19, 2009


I just got back from spending a week in Wisconsin, which was great. However, we weren't lacking in adventures...

Because Adam had a meeting at work, we started our 15 hour drive cross country at 1pm on Friday the 6th. My cousin's wedding was on Saturday so we had to drive straight through. I didn't know how I would do being in the car for that long, but thankfully the drive was uneventful and the time went quickly. We got to the house at 5:00 am, went to bed and got a couple hours sleep.

Saturday afternoon, we packed up the car with our wedding attire and overnight bags for the hotel and began the 1-hour drive to the wedding. We got to the hotel about 45 minutes before the ceremony and started to change when we realized that our garment bag with my dress and Adam's suit was left by the front door at the house! In a panic, we decided to drive 10 minutes to the Brookfield mall (Adam was perfectly willing to go in his t-shirt and jeans, but somehow we didn't think that would go over well with the family!) Adam's job was easy: find dress pants and a dress shirt. My task, on the other hand, not so easy. Apparently Brookfield square is anti pregnant women. No maternity stores and the department stores didn't have any maternity clothing. Finally, after running (well, running for me is a brisk walk) around from store to store for 10 minutes (about 20 minutes from the start of the ceremony, still a 10 minute drive from the hotel...not looking good). I decided to head into Lane Bryant, a store for plus size women. After trying on a few dresses, I found one that was great. Without looking at the price tag (ouch), I checked out and we were on our way. I was hoping the ceremony would start late (like most weddings), but of course it was on time. We got there with about 5 minutes left in the ceremony--but at least we got to catch some of it! The reception was a blast--I'm loving the family weddings where we can just hang out with everyone...more of my cousins need to get married!

Adam had to go back to Denver Sunday night...he was in town for 36 hours. It was hard being away from him for that week...I realized how much he's been taking care of me with the pregnancy (I think he's a keeper!)

That week was filled with baby shower preparations and visiting family and friends. Saturday, the 14th was the shower, which was tons of fun. I was great sharing the day with Leah and baby Hood. To see so many family and friends take the time to come and celebrate our new addition was unbelievably honoring for Adam and thank you. (I'll post some pictures when I get them.)

Since Adam was already back in Denver, John drove back with me. We left on Sunday afternoon, planning on driving the 8 hours to Omaha. We drove the rest of the way on Monday. I could feel the altitude change because about 5 hours after being home, my hands and feet swelled up and stayed swollen through the night (oh the joys of pregnancy!)

I was struck by how hard it was saying good-bye to my mom, Leah and Drew. Things are going to be totally different the next time I see them (which isn't that far away).

Things are never going to be the same in about 7 weeks...7 weeks!!!