Saturday, October 15, 2011


My parents came into town for a couple weeks the end of September. No matter how long they are here, it always feels like we are rushing to get all our projects done before they leave. But we had lots of fun little adventures while they were in town....

White Fence Farm
Grandma and Lennon walking in--Lennon sporting his new Toy Story cowboy boots!
Rockies Game
Since Lennon loved the Rockies game that we took him to at the beginning of the summer, we wanted to squeeze one last game in. Our season was already over and we didn't go into the game expecting something spectacular, but were looking forward to the experience of it all. It was a hot day, reaching 90 degrees--instead of complaining about the sun beating down on us, we tried to enjoy the last days of summer.
Lennon taking a nice (sweaty) nap.
We cut out of the game at the beginning of the 8th inning--we were already losing so badly, and the heat was finally getting to us. It was nice to beat the post-game crowd and enjoy a quiet downtown.
Adam's parents got a bowling coupon that we weren't able to use during their visit, so we used it with my parents (on the very last day it was valid!) This was Lennon's first time bowling and he loved it--his favorite part was the ball return. He wanted to carry his 6 pound ball all by himself and once that ball was on its way towards the pins, he ran back to the ball return to wait for his orange ball. We all had a blast!
Such a mischievous look on Lennon's face!
The Zoo
We ventured to the zoo on the last day of my parents' visit. My mom was excited to take Lennon on the carousel and the train--and I think she may have had more fun on the rides than Lennon did!
On the train--Lennon was excited to ride the train this time and was waving and smiling.
We had a blast while they were here, and Lennon adjusted to them leaving better than he has in the past--I think as he gets older, he understands that when they leave, he will still get to see them on the computer. Lennon already talks about Christmas when he gets to see them again!