Monday, January 31, 2011

I was doing so well with keeping the blog updated until now--sorry. March is going to be a really busy month with lots of visitors, a friend's wedding, and Lennon's birthday--so I figured I either post now or have everyone wait until April or May!

So here's a recap of the last two months...

Lennon went a little crazy with his baby powder. Even after cleaning everything up, there was a thin layer of powder everywhere--the only upside was that his room smelled baby fresh!
The Farm
We went down to Josh and Denae's farm to celebrate Ashlee's 3rd birthday. While we were down there, we got to see the lambs.
As with most things, Lennon was pretty apprehensive when we first saw them, but he quickly warmed up to them--plus he loves the sheep and we thought he would lose his voice because he was "baa-ing" so much!

Super Bowl
We had the Dows and the Perlmans over to watch the Packers win the Superbowl--it was a fun night filled with great food, great company and, of course, a great game!

Harper and Silas on the Rocking Horse:
Silas--we had to take a couple shots of this picture because he wasn't happy with how the first couple turned out!
Huck and Lennon--this is actually a good snapshot of their personalities!
Having Fun
Lennon by his snowman:
Lennon being silly and wearing his Mr. Potato Head glasses:
And Lennon with my glasses on. Unfortunately it's inevitable that Lennon will someday have glasses since Adam and I both can't see without ours. I wear my glasses almost full-time and whenever I take them off, Lennon does not like it--he'll whine until I put them back on. Lennon hates change, almost to the extreme (like when he was really upset when I rearranged my closet) so I feel like I'm saying, "Change is okay," more and more.
Lennon singing to "The Wheels on the Bus"

He loves the camera now and wants to see the picture of himself--but it's now making it difficult to take videos on our camera because he's wanting to see the picture and most videos are of us just going round and round in a circle.
Lennon loves his Batman shirt and the song that goes with it:

My best friend, Emily moved to DC a week ago to start a great new job. But it was still a sad day saying goodbye. And, of course, Lennon says "Auntie Em" all the time except to her face!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Christmas, Round 3!

My parents came to visit the beginning of January. We must have really ingrained the idea of Santa into Lennon, because every time we would ask who was coming to visit, his response was always, "Ho, Ho, Ho," which was true, in a way because they brought a car-full of presents for our third round of Christmas.
This was by far the biggest round, because there were gifts from my parents, and both sides of my extended family. Lennon had the whole Christmas thing down and we all had a great morning.
Lennon getting excited about his gifts:
My parents got him an easel for Christmas and Lennon loves it.
Lennon sleeping with his new pillow pet:
We got quite a bit of snow while my parents were out. However, typical Colorado means that it soon gets into the 50's, so my dad and Lennon took advantage of the warm weather and the snow while it lasted.
Building a snowman:
Lennon is into climbing on furniture now and he was playing a game with my mom where he would jump off the table into her arms, which maybe lasted longer than my mom's arms would have liked!
Lennon loves his horsey--he calls it his "Yee-Haw." This smile is becoming his standard "Cheeeese" smile:
Watching the Packer game with Grandma:
Lennon taking a break from snacking to give his Grandpa some love:

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Happy New Year!

My cousins, Jenny and Brad, came to visit us over New Years. We had a nice and relaxing weekend hanging out. It was great to spend some one-on-one time with them, since we never get to spend as much time together as we all would like when we are in Wisconsin. They flew in New Years Eve and we all went out to dinner and then went back to the house to put Lennon to bed. We spent the rest of the night hanging out and trying to make it to midnight--I think we were all surprised we made it!

This is Lennon the day before Brad and Jenny flew in. It was our first big snow of the season and Lennon had a lot of fun for the few minutes we were out there (it was also the first really cold day of the season).
On Sunday, the Packers/Bears game wasn't on TV in Denver since the Broncos were playing, so we went to a sports bar up the mountain in Evergreen. There are a ton of Packer and Bear fans in Denver, so it was a lot of fun to watch with all the fans--plus it's always more fun when your team wins!
Brad was the only Bears fan of our group. Jenny joked that the reason Lennon looked so mad was because he was forced to sit with a Bears fan! Packer fans definitely out-numbered the bears.
On Monday, while Adam was at work, we decided to go to Red Rocks. Anyone who has been to Red Rocks knows that it's a workout--climbing over a hundred steps. Plus it was even more challenging to avoid and keep your footing over all the ice. I don't know if Brad and Jenny appreciated all the work, but the views are pretty great, and it's such a Colorado thing to do.
Lennon did not appreciate having to be carried up and down Red Rocks. Normally I would have let him have more freedom, but it was still really snowy and icy up there. Brad carrying him on his shoulders was really the only way that Lennon stopped whining on the way down.
Lennon and Jenny--or as Lennon would say, "Enny."
We got to the airport on Monday a bit early, so we had a few extra minutes to play around before saying our goodbyes. As Lennon and I were approaching the doors to go out to the parking garage to leave, Lennon started crying and yelling, "Enny, Enny" and pointed behind him. He screamed all the way to the car and put up a fight getting in his carseat. As we were driving away, he was crying, "No buh-bye, no buh-bye." He probably cried for a good 20 minutes after we left. The last time we took someone to the airport was around his first birthday, and he didn't understand good-byes as much back then. Plus, he just had so much fun with Jenny and Brad--it was sad to have them leave and we definitely miss them.


This was our very first Christmas without any extended family, which was bittersweet--it was great enjoying the day with just our family, but it was sad that we couldn't enjoy the company (and activity) of the rest of the family. We had a really low-key day--we opened stockings, ate a nice breakfast and got dressed all before heading downstairs to open presents (this being the last year we could delay opening presents). Then we spent the rest of the day enjoying each other and our new gifts, eating great food, and talking to several family members.

In his "Ho, Ho, Ho" pajamas that his Grandma Martz made for him, perfect for Christmas morning:
Before bed on Christmas Eve, we told Lennon that Santa would fill his stocking with goodies, and he went straight to his stocking after he got out of bed on Christmas morning:
Lennon got really excited when he came down the stairs and saw all the presents:
Lennon on his fire engine that he got from his Grandma and Papa Schafer:
Lennon putting on his great hat that he got from his Auntie Leah, Uncle Drew and Cousin Emery:
Adam and I enjoying the day:
Just after opening his kitchen, which he loves playing with:
Lennon is beginning to climb and stand on everything--including his presents:
Here's a video of Lennon on his rocking horse. Adam's dad made it when Adam was little and I cleaned it up, replaced the mane, and put covers on the springs. Lennon is still too small to get on and off it on his own, but he lets us know he wants to ride it by saying, "Yee-Haw!"