Friday, April 06, 2012

Our Life....

Life has been so busy lately, and Adam and I are really looking forward to a calm April. It seemed like every weekend from the past two months were spent busy with household renovations. Lennon's current room was the smallest in the house, so we decided to switch him to the second bedroom, which he will share with his sister. Adam worked so hard to fix the second bedroom from past water damage--and not long after starting work on that room, we quickly realized that replacing the two windows was an urgent matter. We ordered the windows and they came in while Adam's dad was in town so they replaced the windows with no major issues. I wish all the work that needed to be done went that smoothly, but it all got done and Lennon made the big switch, not only to a new room, but also to a new bed! We didn't know what to expect with the transition, but it couldn't have gone better. Lennon was SO excited about his new bed and his new numbers blanket (numbers are his favorite thing).
He looks so small in such a big bed! I'm blaming the crazy hormones of pregnancy, but I do admit that I cried when we were tucking him in that first night--moving into a twin bed felt like such a major step into boyhood and I couldn't help but be moved by the significance of it all. Lennon, who is all too used to me crying these days (pregnancy...ugh), asked if I was sad, and I said, "No, I'm just so proud of you and what a big boy you are!" He replied, "I am a big boy, huh!"
He had been waking up for random things almost every night in his crib lately, so we were so thrilled when he slept all through the night and woke up the next morning to him calling for his breakfast--I heard him calling and naturally went to his room, only to start laughing at the sight of an empty bed. Instead of being in his room, he quietly went downstairs and was waiting for us in the kitchen! I think he's liking his new independence!
Don and Marilyn came out the beginning of March. Marilyn is now a full-time Colorado resident and is living with Beka and Jared. Don was out here for a week, waiting patiently for a new grandson who chose not to make his appearance until after Don left. Lennon loved playing with his Papa and is absolutely loving having his Grandma out here!
Lennon and Papa building a fort:
Welcome Jordon Scott Freeman!
We had all been waiting and waiting for our new nephew to arrive. He was due around the 4th of March, but didn't make his appearance until the 16th. Everyone did great and mom and baby are thriving!
Here's Jordon around three weeks old--he's definitely growing!
Lennon loves his new cousin and does great with Adam or I holding Jordon (which is a huge contrast from a year ago when he would barely allow us to look at another baby). Lennon helped me change Jordon's diaper (and pointed out that Jordon's poop is yellow, but his poop is brown!)--I'm really enjoying this time to talk about Lennon's sister, and have a real-life baby to help him relate...we'll see if it helps or not come June!

And some more pictures to enjoy!
I wish he reacted like this every time I have a camera in my hands!
Giving Annie some lovin!
And finally, here is a maternity picture--it's the first one of this pregnancy, taken at 29 weeks. I think by this time with Lennon, I had taken a handful of pictures, so I forced myself to take this one--I knew that I would be sad if I looked back and didn't have any with my baby girl. I thought that I was carrying the same way I did with Lennon, but I think I'm carrying more in front this time.  I love how tired I look in this picture--it's definitely reflective of what I look like on a daily basis!)