Thursday, December 18, 2008

Growing and Growing....

I have definitely "popped" in the last few weeks. I am now trying to savor every move and motion, because I realize that those moves that I take for granted, like putting on my shoes, will soon be a memory. Sometimes I forget that I have a large obstruction in my mid section and I go to bend over, and am suddenly brought back to reality. Reminded through the sudden halt, allowing me to go no further, but also by our little guy kicking, asking for more room please (I like to assume that my son has manners, even in the womb, saying his please and thank yous to his mommy!)

Many of you know that I am not the most graceful person (I like to blame that on my genetics!) so I am waiting to see what I will be like 2 and 3 months from should be entertaining (I know Adam's getting the popcorn ready for a good show!)

It's a Boy!

Our 20 week ultrasound went great! Our little guy let us know right away that he is, indeed, a boy. Though I'm not posting the picture (I figure there will be plenty of time for me to embarass him later on!), trust me when I say he really didn't leave much to the imagination. We are thankful for that!

It's amazing how thorough they are with the ultrasound. Thankfully, everything looks healthy and right on track for an April 12th delivery (though mommy won't mind if he comes a few days early!)

Now the name game begins....