Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wisconsin...Part 1

The last stop! Visiting Wisconsin is always busy with family and friends. We spent a couple days with my Grandma Ackatz. On Saturday we had the family over for a BBQ and then on Sunday we had friends over for another BBQ. Lennon did pretty well with all of the activity. Unfortunately, he's starting to teethe pretty intensely so he's been a little fussier than normal.

We got to do some more vacation-y things as well. On Wednesday, we went to Milwaukee to spend the afternoon with my uncle Scott and got to tour the Lakefront brewery. And then on Friday, we went to New Glarus brewery.

With Great Grandma Ackatz:
Great Aunt Diane (right before Lennon spit up all over's a sign of love!):Great Aunt Jenny:My cousin Tim stylin' him up a bit:Patti and Lennon:


After DC we headed up to Columbus, Ohio to see some of my family there. We haven't been there in almost 2 years, so it was great to see everyone and just relax. We spent our time during the day with my Grandma and my cousin John Thomas and then the evenings were filled with more family. We had a great time! We're looking forward to going back after Christmas for a few days.

Grandma Martz with her great grandson!
John and Lennon:
4 generations:My cousin, Erin with Lennon:John Thomas, Aunt Carla and Lennon:Aunt Patty:

Washington DC

After Philly, we headed down to Washington DC to see our good friends, Chrisann and Mike and their 2 month old little girl, Olivia Grace. Since we haven't seen them in over a year, it was great to just hang out and catch up on life.

Beautiful Olivia Grace:
Not quite sure what he's supposed to do....


We haven't been posting pictures as much as I would have liked on our trip, but they'll keep coming. Right now we're in Wisconsin, the last leg of our trip. It's been a great time, but I'm definitely getting sick of living out of a suitcase!

Here are pictures from our time in Philadelphia to see Leah, Drew and baby Emery. While Leah was in labor, we stuck close by and just hung out around the hotel, thinking that baby would come. However, Leah was in labor for way longer than any of us were expecting (almost 48 hours!) so on day 2 of labor, we went to Valley Forge to try to distract ourselves a bit. But finally at 11:02 pm on July 15th, Emery Joseph Hood entered the world, weighing 9 pounds, 13 ounces and 22 inches long! The next afternoon, on our way back to the hotel from the hospital our car broke down. Hours later, after getting towed, we found out the alternator died. The mechanic doesn't keep Subaru alternators in stock (because they apparently never go out--we have 185K miles on our car and the mechanic thinks that this is the first replacement) so we had to push back our trip one day to wait for the repair, which worked out great because we were able to spend more time with Leah and Drew and our little nephew!

At Valley Forge:
Lennon and Grandpa in the hospital waiting area (Lennon couldn't go into the maternity ward):Drew, baby Emery, Adam and Lennon:Beautiful Emery:
Lennon and Grandpa, just chillin':Those long arms and legs:

Monday, July 06, 2009

We're enjoying our time in Albany. There's a lot of new things for Lennon to look at, which means he gets so exhausted but doesn't want to go to sleep--but I was expecting that to happen. Other than that--he's doing great and seems to be enjoying all the new people and attention!

With Brenda:

With Grandma Schafer:
Those cheeks....
Great Grandpa Miller, Grandpa Schafer and Daddy:
Great Grandma Miller:
Happy to be out of the car....
The last rest area as we were leaving Colorado:

Sunday, July 05, 2009

New York

We arrived at Adam's parent's house last night around dinner time. Three days of traveling was exhausting for us, but it wasn't too bad. We had great weather and good traffic, considering it was a holiday weekend. Lennon did well, although he was definitely sick of his car seat by the end. The last day he did best if one of us was sitting back with him--although when he wanted to be held, sitting back with him almost made things worse because he couldn't understand what we were waiting for. He hardly slept at all yesterday, which meant total exhaustion last night. We were expecting to have to try to keep him awake since the car usually puts him to sleep, but we did not have to worry about that. In fact, we got to the point where we were trying to get him to fall asleep. He's definitely a strong-willed little boy.

I'll post some pictures in a couple days, when we get a little settled here....