Monday, May 27, 2013

11 months!!
Here's Lennon goofing off while enjoying his cookie:
 I still get cuddles every once in awhile!!
One of Tesla's favorite things to do outside--ride backwards in the car.  She likes to go fast and gets antsy when the car is not moving!
Lennon like to play chasing games with Tesla in the car--sometimes he pushes her, but most of the time it's me or Adam driving the car while either Lennon chases us or we chase Lennon. (In this video, Lennon is talking about "orbiting" his tricycle--he incorporates his planetary knowledge into every aspect of his life!)
Every once in awhile, Tesla re-discovers the toilet paper--this one was a doosy!
 Tesla's Walking!!
Tesla began taking a few steps the very beginning of May.  It hasn't taken her long to pick it up.  She is now walking 95% of the time.  The video also shows her climbing onto a small chair--she loves to climb on and just stand there--crazy girl!
 Here she is standing (no hands)--and there's absolutely no resemblance between her and Lennon at all!!
 The other day I caught her siting on her chair, cross legged, reading her book:
 Mother's Day
We spent the day at Grandma and Papa's house for Mother's Day--it was such a great day to be outside and just be together.
 Always looking so cool...
 Lennon wouldn't cooperate for this picture:
 Our beauty!
 She makes us work for a smiley picture a lot--this is her face, complaining about something, about 75% of the time!
 We had several late-season snow storms and rainy days, which has helped our moisture level.  Things have been so bad with the drought and the water levels of the reservoirs that the moisture has been a huge blessings.  And it's amazing to see the reservoirs with water!  We took a walk to the pond by our house the day after a good rainstorm and we were blown away to see the creek gushing with water (I don't think that drainage creek has had water in it in years).  Lennon was so excited and spent the entire time playing with the sticks and water.
Tesla loves animals--when we went to the zoo, she was fascinated.  Lennon wasn't all that interested in the animals at the zoo until he was about two; he just liked walking around.  But Tesla was having a blast.  She waved at every animal and would make the animal sounds.  We saw the tigers first and she was roaring like crazy!
 Here's Tesla doing some animal sounds before bed, reading her favorite book Moo, Baa, La La La.
One more 11-month pic--there's a reason why these stickers only go up to 12 months, because it's near impossible to get them to sit still!!  She decided she was done with the photo shoot, climbed off the chair and was on her way!